Unite Summit Town Hall October 8

Town Hall InvitationAll teachers are invited to our virtual Town Hall on October 8th!During this Town Hall we will: Provide information about negotiations for Virtual School and for our first contract Break out into sites to discuss and give information to Unite Summit’s bargaining team about what is most important for a sustainable Virtual SchoolContinue reading “Unite Summit Town Hall October 8”

Bargaining Update #10

Check out this week’s video update! In this newsletter: Update on the unfreezing of pay and retro pay  Summary of our bargaining session with Summit Information on virtual school negotiations Pay Unfrozen! At Monday’s meeting, the SPS Board approved restoration of our salaries, along with full retroactive pay. This is huge.  This is a resultContinue reading “Bargaining Update #10”

Pay Freeze Update and SPS Board Meeting

Pay Freeze UpdateAs you have probably seen, on Tuesday Diane Tavenner sent an email indicating that the pay freeze would be rolled back. This is an important win for all of us. It demonstrates that all of your activism this summer — from attending board meetings to signing petitions to reaching out to parents —Continue reading “Pay Freeze Update and SPS Board Meeting”

Welcome Back and Bargaining Update #8

Dear Unite Summit Community,   Welcome back to school!  Our union leadership is proud to serve our students with you as we engage in professional development and begin to prepare for student orientation.   The amount of time we have spent on zoom for these last two weeks is virtually unprecedented.  We want to acknowledgeContinue reading “Welcome Back and Bargaining Update #8”

Return to School Negotiations

Thank you for sharing your concerns about opening during COVID 19.  This newsletter includes an opportunity to sign up for a union committee, and a bargaining update. Committee Sign Up Union leadership has created a series of committees that will develop our vision for the year and collectively work on behalf of teachers across SPS. Continue reading “Return to School Negotiations”

Restoration of Lanes: A Positive Step Forward

Today, Summit faculty received an email titled “Budget Update and Input on Back to School.”  In this email, Diane Tavenner announced that there will be appropriate compensation for teachers changing “lanes” based on new degrees.  This means teachers will be appropriately compensated for teaching credentials and masters’ degrees. The change in lanes is not partContinue reading “Restoration of Lanes: A Positive Step Forward”

A False Choice — Layoffs or Pay Freeze?

June 26, 2020 This morning, the Unite Summit and SPS bargaining teams met for the second time to negotiate compensation for the 2020-21 school year.  We proposed earlier this week that 1) SPS compensate all teachers according to the salaries described in their 2020-21 compensation letters and 2) in October Unite Summit would negotiate anyContinue reading “A False Choice — Layoffs or Pay Freeze?”

A report on the SPS Board meeting and pay freezes

Today, Summit Public Schools held its board meeting and passed the 2020-21 school year budget.  At the meeting, which was attended by over 45 teachers, 12 teachers spoke eloquently about the negative impact of the proposed unilateral pay freeze.  They voiced concerns about paying essential bills; repaying students loans which they took out with theContinue reading “A report on the SPS Board meeting and pay freezes”

Join us at the SPS Board Meeting June 25

In this newsletter, you will find: An update on today’s bargaining session regarding the proposed pay freeze Instructions on how to attend and comment at tomorrow’s board meeting Today, Unite Summit presented the following counter proposal to Summit’s proposed 2020-2021 pay freeze: No pay freeze or any changes to the offer letters that were basedContinue reading “Join us at the SPS Board Meeting June 25”

State Budget Update Makes Pay Freeze Unnecessary

Dear Unite Summit Members,   Today, representatives from 11 sites met to discuss Summit’s proposed salary freezes. Summit’s budget still presumes a 10% cut in funding, but this is based on out-of-date information because this week Governor Newsom announced that there would be no funding cuts to schools, though there may be some deferrals. ThisContinue reading “State Budget Update Makes Pay Freeze Unnecessary”