Letter to Staff & Community Regarding Denali’s Closure

Dear Summit families, students, and faculty, At 4pm on Thursday, February 16th, Summit Public Schools announced that they are sending a “recommendation to the Summit Public Schools Board that they take action on Denali’s closure at their meeting on March 2nd”. We are shocked by this news and deeply disappointed in Summit’s decision to recommendContinue reading “Letter to Staff & Community Regarding Denali’s Closure”

We Must Support Denali

During the week of January 9th, teachers, school leaders and families were informed that Summit Public Schools plans to close Denali High School and Denali Middle School, both in Sunnyvale, at the end of this school year. This decision will become final at the June 2023 Summit Board meeting. We are devastated by the disruption that this news bringsContinue reading “We Must Support Denali”

An Open Letter to Summit’s Funders

Today, we sent the following letter to Summit’s funders in order to notify them of what Summit teachers are advocating for. Summit receives millions of dollars a year from some of the biggest names in philanthropy — including the Gates Foundation, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, and the Charles Koch Foundation — but almost none of thatContinue reading “An Open Letter to Summit’s Funders”

Townhalls tomorrow and Thursday!

Town HallWe will hold this town hall  twice: Wednesday, February 17 from 12:15-1:15 Thursday, February 18 from 3:30-4:30 If you’d like to join one of our town halls, use this zoom link.  As we move through the bargaining process, we need your input to help us! Agenda Where we stand in bargaining.  The newsletters andContinue reading “Townhalls tomorrow and Thursday!”

A report on the SPS Board meeting and pay freezes

Today, Summit Public Schools held its board meeting and passed the 2020-21 school year budget.  At the meeting, which was attended by over 45 teachers, 12 teachers spoke eloquently about the negative impact of the proposed unilateral pay freeze.  They voiced concerns about paying essential bills; repaying students loans which they took out with theContinue reading “A report on the SPS Board meeting and pay freezes”

Join us at the SPS Board Meeting June 25

In this newsletter, you will find: An update on today’s bargaining session regarding the proposed pay freeze Instructions on how to attend and comment at tomorrow’s board meeting Today, Unite Summit presented the following counter proposal to Summit’s proposed 2020-2021 pay freeze: No pay freeze or any changes to the offer letters that were basedContinue reading “Join us at the SPS Board Meeting June 25”

State Budget Update Makes Pay Freeze Unnecessary

Dear Unite Summit Members,   Today, representatives from 11 sites met to discuss Summit’s proposed salary freezes. Summit’s budget still presumes a 10% cut in funding, but this is based on out-of-date information because this week Governor Newsom announced that there would be no funding cuts to schools, though there may be some deferrals. ThisContinue reading “State Budget Update Makes Pay Freeze Unnecessary”

Unite Summit/Summit Public Schools Agreement Regarding Rainier Closure

Unite Summit and Summit Public Schools have agreed to this proposal regarding the rights of Summit Rainier teachers following the closure of Rainier. As the proposal states, “In mutually agreeable language, Unite Summit will inform all of their bargaining unit members of their insistence that Rainier teachers be offered open positions for transfer before anyContinue reading “Unite Summit/Summit Public Schools Agreement Regarding Rainier Closure”