Restoration of Lanes: A Positive Step Forward

Today, Summit faculty received an email titled “Budget Update and Input on Back to School.” 

In this email, Diane Tavenner announced that there will be appropriate compensation for teachers changing “lanes” based on new degrees.  This means teachers will be appropriately compensated for teaching credentials and masters’ degrees. The change in lanes is not part of the salary freeze. This is new information.

In prior communication from Summit,  the opposite messaging was given to teachers. This was not a miscommunication. Teachers explicitly asked about these pay increases when the pay freeze was first announced and were told they would not be put into effect. Summit could have given these pay increases from the beginning to lessen the stress many teachers have been under, but instead chose not to until there was  pressure from our communities. 

We see and celebrate all teachers who are changing lanes.  Congratulations!  It is also important to work for full compensation according to May 2020-21 compensation letters with back pay.  Not all teachers are seeing a benefit from this change. Together we will continue to organize to ensure teachers are paid their step increases and COLA adjustments.

Additionally, Diane provided a survey to be completed by Friday, July 17th.  We ask that you also complete our survey by Monday July 20th.  Completing these surveys is crucial so that both Unite Summit and Summit Public Schools can include your perspective. 

We spoke briefly with the SPS bargaining team about reopening plans.  We believe that a safe opening for students and staff is a shared interest between US and SPS and look forward to our negotiations next week.

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