Member Services

As we develop as an organization and a community, please utilize this page to reference membership documentation, FAQs, and other Unite Summit related documents.

Below, please find a brief description of events yet to come. We believe in the support and counsel of our community at large. Please lend your voice so that all are represented in our efforts to provide for our students and their families.

Next Steps

  1. Getting Input from Stakeholders: It is important to have a transparent and inclusive process for getting input from co-workers about what should be in our contract.  We are best able to get input through two processes:
    1. School Site Meetings
    2. Teacher Surveys
    3. Workshops & Member feedback
  2. Choosing Bargaining Team Members: Bargaining team members are nominated and elected by their peers.
  3. Unite Summit Bylaws: U.S. will create bylaws that represent the values of the members, as reflected within the school site meetings.
  4. Develop Member Communication Systems: It is important to establish a system for member communication to make sure everyone is kept up-to-date about what is happening with the process and how members can support our initiative. This can include:
    1. Newsletters & Updates: We will publish all notices on this website.
    2. Monthly School Site Meetings: Building a culture of having short meetings either after school or even for the final 10 minutes of faculty meetings is a good way to make sure everyone is up to date about U.S. 

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