Townhalls tomorrow and Thursday!

Town HallWe will hold this town hall  twice: Wednesday, February 17 from 12:15-1:15 Thursday, February 18 from 3:30-4:30 If you’d like to join one of our town halls, use this zoom link.  As we move through the bargaining process, we need your input to help us! Agenda Where we stand in bargaining.  The newsletters andContinue reading “Townhalls tomorrow and Thursday!”

November 17 Town Hall and Support for English Learners

Support for English Language Learners A working group of teachers in Unite Summit is researching how we can better advocate for stronger English Language Learner supports. As you may remember, our Support Services contract proposal that we introduced back in March called for the creation of an ELL coordinator at each school site and EnglishContinue reading “November 17 Town Hall and Support for English Learners”

Bargaining Update #13 and Reopening Town Hall

11/1/2020 In today’s newsletter:   An update on bargaining and sanctuary schools (check out our video update!) We’re having our second Town Hall on Tuesday, November 17 at 5pm to discuss school reopening (Register here: Virtual school negotiations continue Support a fellow Bay Area charter teacher! Bargaining UpdateOn Wednesday, we had our 13th bargainingContinue reading “Bargaining Update #13 and Reopening Town Hall”

Unite Summit Town Hall October 8

Town Hall InvitationAll teachers are invited to our virtual Town Hall on October 8th!During this Town Hall we will: Provide information about negotiations for Virtual School and for our first contract Break out into sites to discuss and give information to Unite Summit’s bargaining team about what is most important for a sustainable Virtual SchoolContinue reading “Unite Summit Town Hall October 8”