Unite Summit Bargaining Team

Denali HS: Sarah Rivas, History
Denali MS: Amber Steele, Electives
Everest: Evan Anderson, Science
Expeditions: Joey Hughes
K2 HS: Fuchsia Spring, History
K2 MS: Justin Kim, HIstory
Prep: Dan McClure, Science
Shasta: Hillary Odom, Diverse Learner Support
Tahoma: Doug Wills, Math
Tam: TBD

A summary of bargaining so far

Below is a summary of where Unite Summit and Summit stand on each article, along with links to the latest proposals. This information is updated through our March 17, 2021 bargaining session. You can also find links to each of our detailed updates about every bargaining session at the bottom of this page.

ArticleUnite Summit PositionSummit Management Position
Support ServicesProvides for an increase in mental health services, ELL services, and diverse learning supports. 2/3/2021 Proposal. Our report on Summit’s lack of support for English Learners points to the urgency of our proposal. Does not address the priorities listed in our proposal to provide more support for English Learners, diverse learners, and mental health services. Combined with their professional development counterproposal.
Health and SafetySets guidelines for safe, well-equipped facilities and procedures to ensure emotional safety at work. Provides support and protection for DACA and undocumented students and staff. 2/3/2021 Proposal.Completely removes protections for immigrant students and staff. 1/13/2021 Proposal.
Employment StatusEnds at-will employment. After a probationary period, teachers continue to be employed year-to-year unless there is cause to fire them. 2/10/2021 Proposal.At-will employment for employees with less than six years of service, after which employees can only be fired for “good cause.” 3/3/2021 Proposal.
Leaves of Absence (sick time, parental leave, etc)Largely status quo, including keeping take what you need. Increases parental leave for newer employees. 3/17/2021 proposal. Largely status quo. Increases parental leave for newer employees. 3/3/2021 Proposal.
Class Size and CaseloadAverage class size: 27 students. Expeditions class size capped at 30.
Maximum mentor group size: 27 students. Maximum Education Specialist caseload: 27.
If any of these ratios are exceeded, Summit has 10 days to fix it; if the problem isn’t resolved in 10 days, Summit will have to pay teachers. (The intent of this is to fix class sizes that are too large and not to give teachers too many students and pay them more money). 3/3/2021 Proposal.
Summit will make “reasonable efforts” to maintain an average class size of 27 students (for English, Science, History, Math, and Spanish classes) and 30 students for mentor groups and all other classes (such as Expeditions). Caps Ed Specialist caseloads at 27 students. 12/9/2020 Proposal
Assessments and Curriculum, Technology and ResourcesAllows for teacher flexibility with curriculum and teaching resources. Protects teacher and student privacy. 3/3/2021 proposal.Vague language that promises access to curriculum and technology. 3/17/2021 proposal
Academic FreedomProtects teachers who want to adjust their curriculum in accordance with their professional judgment and student needs. 12/2/2020 Proposal.Moves some of our language to a different proposal; deletes the rest of our proposal. 10/28/2020 proposal.
Hours of Employment and Work Year192 total days of work (down from current 196). Must negotiate changes to bell schedules. Requires teachers to attend no more than 5 after-hours events per year (ie back to school, chaperoning dances, etc.) Minimum amount of prep time of 220 minutes/week for middle school and 225 minutes/week for high school. 3/17/2021 proposal. 212 total work days (up from current 196). Decreases after school meeting/office hours time from 300 to 200 minutes (we would end each day at 4pm). 10 required student events/year, including up to 3 that require overnight chaperoning. 12/9/2020 proposal.
Discipline and DismissalLays out a clear, fair process for disciplining and dismissing teachers. 11/4/2020 Proposal.Includes a partial list of actions that could lead to discipline or dismissal. No fair and transparent process for disciplining or dismissing teachers. 3/3/2021 Proposal.
Professional DevelopmentProvides for meaningful, teacher-driven PD and more robust training on Summit’s mentoring model. 2/3/2021 proposal. Allows teachers to give input to their site leadership about professional development. 2/10/2021 proposal.
Layoff and ReemploymentSets out the procedures governing layoffs if they are necessary. Teachers will be notified of layoffs for the next year by April 15. Process for hiring back teachers who were laid off. 9/2/2020 proposal.Teachers will be notified of layoffs for the next year by April 15. No process for hiring back teachers who were laid off.
10/7/2020 Proposal.
Assignments, Transfer, ReassignmentsOutlines a process for course assignments, allows for transfers between campuses, gives existing Summit teachers preferences for vacant positions.  9/2/2020 proposal.Doesn’t have process for faculty to have input on course assignments.
10/7/2020 Proposal
EvaluationProposes an evaluation system that allows for admin, peer-based, or project-based modes of evaluation. Puts in place a process to support teachers who need improvement plans.
12/9/2020 Proposal
Vague with no clear criteria, timeline, or process. Allows Summit to fire employees regardless of their evaluation. Ties evaluation to progression on the salary schedule. 3/3/2021 Proposal.
Grievance and ArbitrationCreates a grievance process that allows for resolution of disputes, such as a violation of our contract. If Unite Summit and Summit management can’t resolve a dispute internally, a neutral third-party arbitrator will make the final decision. We believe having a neutral third party that neither side controls is the fairest way to resolve a dispute. 
3/20/2020 Proposal.
Creates a grievance process that handles disputes about the contract through an in-house appeals system which allows for appeal first to a subcommittee of Summit’s un-elected Board and then to a committee on which teachers hold the minority of seats.
4/2/2020 Proposal.
RecognitionNo subcontracting except to supplement Expeditions.
5/4/2020 Proposal.
If Summit adds schools, they will not automatically be a part of our union. Allows subcontracting of teaching work.
5/22/2020 Proposal
Leadership Rights/Management RightsOutlines the rights Summit management has under the law. 
4/2/2020 Proposal.
Summit could change or suspend our contract in cases of emergency for up to 90 days.
5/22/2020 Proposal.
Compensation, Health and Welfare BenefitsPuts in place yearly cost of living increases. Adds stipends for English Learner Coordinators and for after school activities such as musicals or plays. Discontinues using the consensus process to determine compensation. 3/3/2021 proposal.Discontinues the use of the consensus process to determine compensation. NO cost of living increases for three years (unless you are at the top of the salary schedule). Executive Directors approve step increases.
12/9/2020 Proposal.
FacilitiesRequires basic facilities for students and staff, such as an adequate number of restrooms (including a gender neutral restroom), and a timely process for fixing facilities.
3/26/2020 Proposal.
No response yet
Shared GovernanceAllows the Leadership Team at each site to decide on:
Bell schedule
PD content at our sites
After school budgets
Student discipline policies and practices
Scheduling community events
SST process
Allows for GLT/MLT/CLT/LT to create and modify their own agendas
If LT can’t come to consensus on a proposal, the proposal can be accepted if 70% or more of the LT agrees with the proposal
12/2/2020 Proposal.
Allows teachers to give input into various site issues. Does nothing to protect site autonomy or guarantee teachers the ability to be part of the decision-making. 11/4/2020 Proposal.
Union RightsGives our union time during orientation to let new employees know about our union. Allows us to represent our colleagues if they are in a disciplinary or investigatory meeting with their manager.
1/19/2021 Proposal
Provides our union more limited rights. Does not allow teachers to talk without administrators present during orientation. 2/3/2021 Proposal.

What we’ve agreed on:

Assignability: If the corporate structure of Summit changes, we get to keep our union contract.

Savings and Effects of Agreement: If part of our contract becomes illegal (for example if a law changes) we will renegotiate that specific part of the contract and the rest of our contract will be unaffected.

Organizational Security: Outlines how dues are deducted.

Bargaining Updates

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