Corona Virus, Virtual School, Bargaining

Virtual School We hope that you’re all staying safe and sound during this difficult time. If you have questions, concerns, or feedback about how Virtual School is going, please reach out to us at We will present a bargaining proposal around Virtual School if we start seeing common concerns that need to be addressed,Continue reading “Corona Virus, Virtual School, Bargaining”

Bargaining Survey and Calendar/Schedule Negotiations

Bargaining Input Survey – Please Complete!We will use this survey to inform our proposals on Employment Status, Discipline and Dismissal, Shared Governance, and Hours of Employment and Work Year.  You can access the survey at: We are aiming to gather responses before the start of bargaining (our first session is currently scheduled for MarchContinue reading “Bargaining Survey and Calendar/Schedule Negotiations”

Bargaining Survey Postponed

Update on bargaining input surveyWe have decided to postpone our survey circulation until next week so that we add questions related to our Job Duties and Work Hours proposal. As previously announced, we will also be soliciting input related to the following proposals: Employment Status, Discipline and Dismissal, and Shared Governance. We apologize for theContinue reading “Bargaining Survey Postponed”

Bargaining Info and February PD Week

Thanks so much for stopping by our coffee / T-shirt table and attending lunch meetings last week – it was lovely to see everyone! Look out for our bargaining input survey in next week’s newsletter. We will be soliciting input on the following proposals: Shared Governance, Employment Status, and Discipline and Dismissal. If you didn’tContinue reading “Bargaining Info and February PD Week”

Updates on Rainier and Bargaining

Update on bargainingWe have sunshined our proposals and are prepared to start negotiating our first contract. Unfortunately, Summit has thus far refused to schedule bargaining until after the March board meeting. We are still pushing their bargaining team to begin discussions earlier, as we want to preserve as much time as possible before the endContinue reading “Updates on Rainier and Bargaining”

Support for Summit Sierra

Statement of support for our Sierra colleagues As we prepare for bargaining, we know that our contract proposals will include guarantees around mandated working hours, which is crucial for teacher sustainability and retention. Our colleagues at Sierra are seeking similar guarantees through the compensation process, and they are concerned that they are being pressured toContinue reading “Support for Summit Sierra”

Summit Board meeting, compensation process, and more

Action ItemHelp us vote on a T-shirt design! We’d love your input – here’s the survey link: Update on the bargaining processAt the Special Board Meeting on Jan. 16, the Unite Summit bargaining team presented their sunshine documents, listing the proposals we would like to include in our first contract. You can find thatContinue reading “Summit Board meeting, compensation process, and more”

Rainier and Bargaining update

Update on bargaining meeting regarding Rainier On Monday 12/16, teachers from the Rainier and Tahoma communities met with Diane Tavenner at Home Office in Redwood City as official union representatives to bargain over the impact of closing Rainier.  From Rainier, Isela Mosqueira, Shaila Ramachandran, and Sunli Kim were present. From Tahoma, Andrea Hernandez was present.Continue reading “Rainier and Bargaining update”

We’ve been certified!

We have two pieces of exciting news to share today: The California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) has certified Unite Summit as the union for all Summit teachers in California! This means we can begin negotiating our contract. PERB has issued a complaint alleging that Summit broke the law by firing three teachers in JuneContinue reading “We’ve been certified!”