Mediation and Legal Updates

Mediation Update Unite Summit and SPS met Wednesday with our PERB appointed mediator. The mediator emphasized that they are neutral and impartial and their job is to encourage both parties to make movement in their proposals. We are hopeful that in this next step in bargaining, we will make significant progress with SPS in creatingContinue reading “Mediation and Legal Updates”

Unite Summit/Summit Public Schools Agreement Regarding Rainier Closure

Unite Summit and Summit Public Schools have agreed to this proposal regarding the rights of Summit Rainier teachers following the closure of Rainier. As the proposal states, “In mutually agreeable language, Unite Summit will inform all of their bargaining unit members of their insistence that Rainier teachers be offered open positions for transfer before anyContinue reading “Unite Summit/Summit Public Schools Agreement Regarding Rainier Closure”

Updates on Rainier and Bargaining

Update on bargainingWe have sunshined our proposals and are prepared to start negotiating our first contract. Unfortunately, Summit has thus far refused to schedule bargaining until after the March board meeting. We are still pushing their bargaining team to begin discussions earlier, as we want to preserve as much time as possible before the endContinue reading “Updates on Rainier and Bargaining”

Summit Board meeting, compensation process, and more

Action ItemHelp us vote on a T-shirt design! We’d love your input – here’s the survey link: Update on the bargaining processAt the Special Board Meeting on Jan. 16, the Unite Summit bargaining team presented their sunshine documents, listing the proposals we would like to include in our first contract. You can find thatContinue reading “Summit Board meeting, compensation process, and more”

Rainier and Bargaining update

Update on bargaining meeting regarding Rainier On Monday 12/16, teachers from the Rainier and Tahoma communities met with Diane Tavenner at Home Office in Redwood City as official union representatives to bargain over the impact of closing Rainier.  From Rainier, Isela Mosqueira, Shaila Ramachandran, and Sunli Kim were present. From Tahoma, Andrea Hernandez was present.Continue reading “Rainier and Bargaining update”

Support for Rainier

In this newsletter, you will find:Context for the decision to close Rainier Support requested for the Rainier communitySchedule of upcoming board meetings Context for the decision to close Rainier If you want more information about the decision to close Summit Rainier, here are a few sources of additional context:Mercury News coverageSan Jose Spotlight coverageSummit News (student-ledContinue reading “Support for Rainier”

Rainier Closure Information and FAQ

On November 14, teachers, school leaders and families were informed that Summit plans to close Rainier, one of its high schools in San Jose, at the end of this school year. We are devastated by the lack of transparency about this decision and the lack of empathy in terms of the emotional impact this hasContinue reading “Rainier Closure Information and FAQ”

Newsletter: PERB and charter legislation

Ongoing and Upcoming Union Work Site organizers have been working to hold site meetings and office hours in the first few weeks of school in order to answer questions from our new teachers, gather input, and offer updates. We are preparing to launch a survey, so please look out for that soon!In the meantime, weContinue reading “Newsletter: PERB and charter legislation”