CBA Update #27

We are now fourteen months into negotiating our contract!  And while we have not agreed to a final contract, we continue to work for what we believe is most important: a contract that meets the most important needs of our Summit educators, seeks common ground with Summit’s bargaining team, and makes the concessions necessary toContinue reading “CBA Update #27”

Bargaining Update #16

In this newsletter: Virtual School Negotiations Update Summit’s proposal still in development Contract Negotiations Update SPS management continues to push for teachers to work through June as at-will employees with no additional compensation SPS Board Meeting Recap New person appointed to SPS Board Legal Update EL Survey Reminder Virtual School Negotiations Update Friday 12/11, weContinue reading “Bargaining Update #16”

Virtual School Petition and Bargaining Update #9

Highlighted  in this newsletter: We believe Home Office has made illegal changes to virtual school, including taking away our sites’ flexibility to schedule LT/GLT/MLT meetings. We have emailed SPS leadership and executive directors to ask that all  changes are immediately reversed  and that any future changes are bargained with our union. In order to showContinue reading “Virtual School Petition and Bargaining Update #9”

Bargaining Update #6 and Union Election Results

Union Elections We’d like to announce the election of our Unite Summit leadership! OfficersPresident: Fuchsia Spring (K2 HS)Vice President: Sarah Rivas (Denali HS)Treasurer: Morris Shieh (Tahoma) Site RepsDenali Middle School:  Tristan MatlockDenali High School: Sarah RivasEverest: Kennan DamonExpeditions North Loop: Phoenix LawsonExpedition South Loop: Joseph HughesK2 High School: Miguel GravelleK2 Middle School: Alyssa MontantesPrep: DanContinue reading “Bargaining Update #6 and Union Election Results”

Bargaining Update #5

Union Elections!Today, our elected bargaining team approved our union bylaws, so we are now ready for elections! Liz DeOrnellas (Expeditions), Sarah Prabala (Denali MS), and Eric Doan (K2 MS) stepped up to serve as our elections committee.  Nominations for our union’s leadership are now open — including for president, vice president, treasurer, and reps forContinue reading “Bargaining Update #5”

Union Elections!

ElectionsWe are holding elections for Unite Summit leadership! Our elected Bargaining Team will stay in place through contract negotiations, but we will also be electing a President, Vice President, and Treasurer before the end of the school year in order to formalize our structure and improve communications. We will also be electing a representative fromContinue reading “Union Elections!”

Our 4th Bargaining Session

Unite Summit and the SPS bargaining team held their fourth contract negotiation meeting today.  As part of the meeting, Unite Summit received Summit’s counter proposal on our calendar and schedule proposal for the 2020-21 school year. Here is Summit’s proposal. The proposal cuts after-school time from 300 to 200 minutes a week (ending each schoolContinue reading “Our 4th Bargaining Session”

Corona Virus, Virtual School, Bargaining

Virtual School We hope that you’re all staying safe and sound during this difficult time. If you have questions, concerns, or feedback about how Virtual School is going, please reach out to us at We will present a bargaining proposal around Virtual School if we start seeing common concerns that need to be addressed,Continue reading “Corona Virus, Virtual School, Bargaining”

Bargaining Survey and Calendar/Schedule Negotiations

Bargaining Input Survey – Please Complete!We will use this survey to inform our proposals on Employment Status, Discipline and Dismissal, Shared Governance, and Hours of Employment and Work Year.  You can access the survey at: We are aiming to gather responses before the start of bargaining (our first session is currently scheduled for MarchContinue reading “Bargaining Survey and Calendar/Schedule Negotiations”