Bargaining Survey and Calendar/Schedule Negotiations

Bargaining Input Survey – Please Complete!
We will use this survey to inform our proposals on Employment Status, Discipline and Dismissal, Shared Governance, and Hours of Employment and Work Year. 

You can access the survey at:

We are aiming to gather responses before the start of bargaining (our first session is currently scheduled for March 20), so please take a few minutes in the next week to give us your perspective!

Bargaining Over Next Year’s Schedule
We’d like to note that many school sites have been informed that no changes will occur to the schedule for next year due to the need to maintain status quo while bargaining begins. 

Since we know that issues such as mandated working hours are important to our members, we have asked to sunshine a separate proposal at the March 19 Summit Board Meeting so that we can negotiate over changes to our calendar and work day for the 2020-2021 school year during our March 20 bargaining session. 

There are a few questions on the bargaining input survey that will help inform these negotiations, so please make sure you take the survey!

St. Paul Educators Strike for Better Access to Mental Health Services for Students
Educators in St. Paul Minnesota are on strike this week in support of stronger mental health supports at each school site, along with other important issues like hiring more multilingual staff and providing more one-on-one attention to diverse learners. They join a growing wave of teacher unions who are using contract negotiations as a vehicle to provide more support services to students. If you want to support St. Paul educators, or just learn more about their contract proposals, check out their website.