Unite Summit/Summit Public Schools Agreement Regarding Rainier Closure

Unite Summit and Summit Public Schools have agreed to this proposal regarding the rights of Summit Rainier teachers following the closure of Rainier. As the proposal states, “In mutually agreeable language, Unite Summit will inform all of their bargaining unit members of their insistence that Rainier teachers be offered open positions for transfer before any other Summit teacher is considered.”  

Inform: This proposal includes a month of health insurance for Rainier teachers who do not stay with Summit, as well as a specific rehire procedure for them which includes offering Rainier teachers open positions at other Summit schools for which they have applied for transfer before other Summit teachers.
Given the closure of Rainier, Unite Summit believes it is very important that Rainier teachers who want to stay in the organization have a guaranteed opportunity to do so, which is why they proposed this language in the proposal despite Summit Public School’s reservations. After engaging in a mutual bargaining process, Summit Public Schools has decided to honor this request. 

If you have any questions about the proposal, please contact unitesummitteachers@gmail.com.

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