Summit Board meeting, compensation process, and more

Action ItemHelp us vote on a T-shirt design! We’d love your input – here’s the survey link: Update on the bargaining processAt the Special Board Meeting on Jan. 16, the Unite Summit bargaining team presented their sunshine documents, listing the proposals we would like to include in our first contract. You can find thatContinue reading “Summit Board meeting, compensation process, and more”

Rainier and Bargaining update

Update on bargaining meeting regarding Rainier On Monday 12/16, teachers from the Rainier and Tahoma communities met with Diane Tavenner at Home Office in Redwood City as official union representatives to bargain over the impact of closing Rainier.  From Rainier, Isela Mosqueira, Shaila Ramachandran, and Sunli Kim were present. From Tahoma, Andrea Hernandez was present.Continue reading “Rainier and Bargaining update”

Compensation Process

Clarification on the compensation consensus process Unite Summit would like to offer a few points of clarification on the information presented during our first compensation LT. The letter referenced in the slides was sent to Unite Summit at 3:26 p.m. yesterday; as teachers were still on duty, no one had a chance to read orContinue reading “Compensation Process”