Health and Safety MOU reached

We’re pleased to announce we’ve reached an agreement with Summit on a memorandum of understanding (basically a “mini contract”) about health and safety for the 2021-22 school year.

Here’s a link to the full agreement.

A few highlights:

  • At least 25% of unvaccinated staff and students will be tested for COVID each week. 
  • All classrooms will have an air purifier and all HVAC systems will be updated
  • Right now, according to Summit’s COVID technical manual and in line with county health guidelines, everyone is required to wear a mask indoors (with specific medical exemptions). You may request masks, including N95s, from Summit.
  • Visitors to campus will be limited, and remote alternatives to meetings will be pursued whenever possible.
  • Summit will improve ventilation in areas where people eat and drink. We know every campus is different, but whenever possible, encourage your site leadership to have meals outside. 
  • If the public health guidelines in Contra Costa, San Mateo, or Santa Clara county are different, Summit will adhere to the guidelines that are most robust. This seemed especially important for Expeditions teachers, most of whom work in multiple counties.
  • Unite Summit and Summit admin will meet regularly to communicate over COVID safety concerns

Please notify your site reps or Unite Summit leadership of any concerns at your school site.