Bargaining Update #7

Bargaining Update
Unite Summit and the SPS bargaining team held their seventh contract negotiation meeting yesterday.  

We began by discussing the announced summer school policy. Unite Summit is arguing that Rainier teachers should be eligible to work summer school in order to ensure that all our students, many of whom are not transferring to a Summit school, will have the opportunity they need to get support from their teachers in a timely manner before they are forced to carry failing grades on their transcripts. SPS claims the summer school policy is aligned with policy from past years; the union believes the closure of Rainier changes the status quo and creates a need for change. Diane promised to check in with her administrative team and get back to us early next week. Please reach out to her if this is an issue that affects you and your students!

Unite Summit presented its last original proposal:

Leaves of Absence: This proposal includes an expansion of family leave and the right to a sabbatical after four years of continuous employment; we feel these moves would help incentivize longevity for our teachers and provide growth-based learning opportunities for our veterans. 

The following Unite Summit Bargaining Team members attended today’s meeting: Liz DeOrnellas, Expeditions; Fuchsia Spring, K2; Amber Steele, Denali Middle; Sarah Rivas, Denali High; Hillary Odom, Shasta; Dan McClure, Prep; Evan Anderson, Everest; Douglas Wills, Tahoma; and Isela Mosqueira, Rainier. Daryl Hemenway and Ona Keller from CTA also joined the discussion. 

The following Summit Bargaining Team members attended: Diane Tavenner, CEO; Kelly Garcia, Chief of Staff; and Jimmy Zuniga, Everest Executive Director.

Downtown College Prep Unionizes!

About 100 educators at the four Downtown College Prep charter schools formed a union earlier this month called South Bay Educators United. We welcome them to our growing movement of unionized charter educators!

Check them out online and watch their introductory video.