October 10 Newsletter

Reminder — Please fill out our Fall Survey
You can find our Fall Survey at: tinyurl.com/USFallSurvey Your responses will inform our work as we move into bargaining our first contract, so please take a few minutes to give us your perspective.
Unfair Labor Practice Charge

We filed for union recognition with the Public Employment Relations Board at the end of January; PERB certified that Unite Summit had support from the majority of teachers at Summit.
Summit denied recognition of our union in April and has been arguing since then that deans and certain Home Office employees must be included in our union. The legal delays in that process have been frustrating, and we want to make sure our teachers fully understand why that process has taken so long.   

In the interest of transparency, we would like to share the Unfair Labor Practice charge we have filed against Summit Public Schools. We feel as if SPS has not acted in good faith as we work to resolve the definition of our bargaining unit. Unite Summit has always sought to represent Summit teachers, as we feel teachers hold a unique place in our organization and deserve to have their voices better heard.   

We feel the legal delays that have resulted from misleading arguments related to the definition of a teacher are unproductive; we hope our organization will acknowledge that such actions are not appropriate and should not continue as we move into bargaining. We urge Summit to respect teachers and recognize our union so we can sit down at the bargaining table and work on important issues like teacher turnover and providing better support services for our students.  

In our last newsletter, we provided more details about the current status of our recognition case. We are now waiting for an attorney from the Public Employment Relations Board to issue a decision as to which employees should be included in our union.    In the meantime, we are working hard to prepare for bargaining, and we appreciate your support in providing survey responses and working with the organizers at your site!  

Reach out to your site organizers, or contact us at unitesummitteachers@gmail.com, if you have questions! Your site organizers are working to advocate for site-specific needs, so please reach out to them if you have issues you want to organize around to better meet the needs of your team!
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