Newsletter: March 12

Dear Unite Summit members:

We are excited to hear your voices as we continue the process of hosting bargaining input meetings. If you have any questions on the process/would like to support in organizing in any manner, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Attend a bargaining input meeting!

There are two bargaining input meetings left, both of which are scheduled for this week.

If you have not yet had a chance to fill out the bargaining prep survey, please do so ASAP!

We’d like to have as much data as possible to inform our work together; everyone’s voice is valuable!

You can find the survey at:

If you can’t attend your site’s meeting but would like to give more input than you were able to give on the bargaining prep survey, contact your site organizers or email

Update on Bargaining Team Proposals

After the first seven input meetings, our sites are roughly split between a preference for a large scale bargaining team (a representative from each site) and small scale bargaining team (a representative from each city or each region).

This decision is not solidified yet until input meetings have taken place at each school site. If you did not have a chance to express your preference at your site input meeting, please contact your site organizer so they can record your preference!

Answers to frequently asked questions:

How can I be involved in bargaining if I’m not on the bargaining team?

Our plan is to elect bargaining team representatives and then to have volunteers at each site form a Contract Action Team. Members of that team would be responsible for helping their bargaining team representative work on proposals and would work to make sure that all members at their site are fully informed about how negotiations are proceeding and can give input throughout the process. Stay tuned for more information about bargaining team elections and CAT opportunities – that is our next step after we wrap up our input meetings!

Stay tuned to for further updates. You can also reach us at if you have questions or want to help with the next stages of building our union. Thank you for joining us in these exciting efforts to improve our schools in the service of students and teachers!

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