February Newsletter

Denali Update

On February 1st, the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) had an agenda item on the closing of Denali schools. A presentation was made by the county’s Charter team that explored the reasons SPS is giving for the abrupt closure news. Denali Parents were out in full force to make statements about how important Denali teachers and schools are to their students, and to ask SCCOE to hold SPS accountable for their lack of transparency and accessibility with regard to finances. Denali teachers were represented by the dedicated Kim Nicholson who gave a great statement. Our concerns were echoed by the board who wanted to know more about why the decision to stop funding Denali was being made now.

They referenced a Summit board resolution from 2012 that Summit Public Schools Home Office “will provide all necessary funds to any of the schools for which it holds a charter.” SCCOE board members voiced deep concerns that SPS is deviating from their own stated policy and commitments. Board members also expressed concern that SPS is not negotiating or meeting with Unite Summit over the proposed closures.

SCCOE are going to keep the Denali Closures issue on the agenda for the foreseeable future. Our outreach to Board members yielded some of the tough questions asked in the meeting and we are going to follow up with a meeting with the President and VP of the SCCOE Board on 2/13. We are excited to see this momentum with both the parents AND the board asking tough questions and putting pressure on SPS. SCCOE is asking SPS Board members to be at the next meeting 2/15.

What can we do next? If you are in the South Bay or Peninsula, please sign up to attend the SCCOE meeting with us on the 15th. We will have buttons, signs, snacks and support for folks who want to speak. Let’s figure out some carpools. It is important we meet the enthusiasm of the parents and the SCCOE members to put the pressure on SPS to SAVE DENALI, be more transparent, and respect Summit Teachers!

Bargaining Team

The bargaining team that was elected in January had their very first meeting last week. They are currently prioritizing bargaining with SPS over the impacts of the potential closure of Denali HS and MS. They have their first meeting with management this week! They are ready to come to the table and fight for our rights as teachers! Please give your bargaining team your love:

Denali HS – Maxine Cheney
Denali MS – Tiffany Pham
Everest – Bridget Miller
Expeditions – Vacant
K2HS – Zenobia Ritter
K2MS – Nicole McMath
Prep – Miles Bennett-Smith
Shasta – Vacant
Tahoma – Doug Wills
Tam HS – Donielle Flot
Tam MS – Savannah Gardner

If you are a Summit educator interested in the vacant positions on the bargaining team, please email unitesummitteachers@gmail.com.

Art Build and Walk-In

SPS needs to come to the bargaining table to honor our rights as teachers. SPS is continuing to disrespect our contract by unfairly compensating teachers for covering lunch, expeditions, or doing “dean for a day”. They are also disrespecting the bargaining process for the potential closure of Denali. We need to hold SPS accountable. 

ON THE WALK IN DAY (2/14), to show SPS and admin how much they need us, do NOT cover lunch, expeditions, or Dean for a Day. This is a one day action we are doing to pressure SPS that they need to fairly come to the bargaining table and NEGOTIATE for these extra duties that are not in the CBA!

This week, please show up to support our contract, our rights, and Denali teachers at an Art Build and poster making party at your school site. You will be making posters to hold at our Walk In action on February 14th. We need to publicly show Summit management that we will stand up for our rights. Get more information from your site rep!

Treasurer Nominations

Our wonderful treasurer Sam Williams needs to step down from the position for personal reasons. He will continue to be able to support a new treasurer with the transition and training, but we are now looking for a new treasurer. Please fill out the form below to nominate yourself or a coworker! https://tinyurl.com/UniteSummitTreasurer 


This month, you should have received an email from CTA that confirms your membership in Unite Summit. As a member, you are supporting our union fighting for your rights, transparency and accountability of SPS, and more. We are only as strong as our members and we want EVERYBODY’s voice to be valued and heard. 

Please look here and here for the benefits of being a part of CTA! Additionally, please expect that dues of $95 a month will be deducted starting with our next paycheck. Dues will not be retroactive and will be collected according to the 11 month pay calendar.

Upcoming Events

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