Unite Summit Solidarity Week a Success!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Unite Summit solidarity week by wearing their t-shirts, stickers, and buttons, and signing our petition in support of our contract demands – almost 90% of teachers signed our petition to the SPS Board (if you didn’t get a chance to, there is still time! Contact your site rep). Follow us on Instagram for more great pictures – @Unite_Summit.

Last week, we presented our petition at the SPS Board meeting. While Summit purposefully continues to schedule its board meetings during the school day, making them largely inaccessible to Summit stakeholders, over two dozen teachers were able to join the meeting during their prep periods and lunch times, in a great show of solidarity.

We know that we will continue to need to put pressure on Summit to settle a contract that our students, our schools, and our teachers deserve. Look out for more exciting opportunities during the next month to show your support!

Clearing up Misinformation 
We’ve recently heard that some site admin are claiming that certain things can or cannot be done because of “the union.” While site leaders may not be intentionally spreading misinformation, many of their claims are incorrect. If you’re in doubt about something you’ve been told, you can check our website (all of our existing agreements with Summit are posted here), check in with a member of our bargaining team, or simply ask your site admin to show you exactly where their claim is in writing. One of the many reasons we are united for a fair contract is so that we can have a clear, mutually agreed upon agreement about important topics like hours and job expectations.