CBA Update #25

Bargaining Update

On Wednesday we had our 25th bargaining session with Summit. A summary of our and Summit’s proposals are below. 

We notified Summit that we will be sending them a comprehensive proposal for the full Collective Bargaining Agreement by close of business on Wednesday, May 5. If Summit is able to make substantive movement then we will welcome that and will be happy to set up another bargaining session.  If Summit is unable to make substantive movement, then, based on the proposals Summit gave us on Wednesday, we believe it is time to move on to mediation. 

Mediation is another step in the negotiations process. If we move forward with mediation, a mediator from the State will be sent to help us try to reach an agreement. A mediator has no power to make SPS or US agree to anything; they are a neutral party whose goal is to help facilitate the bargaining process. Almost every first contract for union charter schools ends up using mediation; it can be helpful to have a neutral person from outside our organization offer a fresh perspective and new ideas — especially since we’ve been at the bargaining table for over a year. If we move to this step, Unite Summit looks forward to working with SPS and a mediator to come to agreement on the proposals we could not fully align on at this time.

Unite Summit Proposals

Grievance and Arbitration

Unite Summit’s proposal on Grievance and Arbitration outlines a clear and transparent process for filing and resolving grievances in the workplace. Summit communicated concerns around the duration and resources needed throughout the process outlined in our proposal. Unite Summit made movement to address these concerns by adding language that clearly states the intent of both parties to resolve every grievance at the lowest possible level so that each grievance is resolved fairly, quickly, and resourcefully. 

Employment Status

For Employment Status, Unite Summit’s proposal outlines discipline and dismissal requirements for probationary period and non-probationary period unit members. For probationary period members, the proposal explains that unit members are not guaranteed employment for the next school year; communication of non-renewal for the next academic year must be provided no later than April 15. In addition, if a unit member who is still within the probationary period is let go without cause, they will be ensured a severance in the amount of 2 months salary and benefits.

Discipline and Dismissal

Within Discipline and Dismissal, Unite Summit continues to prioritize just cause and progressive discipline. Our proposal has clear and specific conditions for discipline and dismissal. 


Unite Summit’s Evaluation proposal continues to present a clear and transparent process for coaching and evaluation of teacher performance of all unit members. Our proposal aligns with much of Summit’s views in regards to a multi-tiered process, clear communication and supports, and the basic expectations that each unit member may be evaluated on.

Summit Proposals

Summit proposed this document. There were two major changes from their last proposal. 

  • Calendar/Work Year: Summit agreed to Feb PD being remote, but is still sticking to 212 work days. After a year of negotiations, we are still baffled as to why Summit wants to add almost three weeks to our work calendar. 
  • Class size: stronger language that holds Summit to class size averages, though some schools/content areas can go above those averages

High Tech High Organizes!

Congratulations to charter educators at the High Tech High schools in San Diego who filed for union recognition last week! The High Tech Education Collective will represent over 400 teachers at 16 schools.

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