Town Hall re: Building Reopening

Building Reopening/Physical Return to School Bargaining
Today we had another bargaining session about the physical return to school. We want to again emphasize that there will be no physical return to school until we have signed an MOU with Summit.

We shared the first half of our proposal today with Summit; this half specifically addresses how teachers will return to buildings. It specifies that teachers can opt-in, delineates a phased reopening for teachers as well as students, and contains a stipend for those that choose to return to buildings. We believe it is crucial for teachers to have a choice as to whether or not they return to buildings.

We are still working on the second half of our proposal, which will detail teacher working conditions if they opt-in to returning to school in-person. We are bargaining again later this week.
We will be hosting two Town Hall zoom meetings on Tuesday, March 2nd. The first will be at 12:00 – 1:00pm and the second will be 3:30 – 4:30 pm — link here. Please come to ask questions, voice your input and be involved with this major decision. 

A reminder to fill out our survey on the physical reopening of school. Thank you to the many folks that have already filled it out; the results so far were helpful for us in bargaining today!