Increase to Work From Home Stipend

You made your voices heard; based on survey feedback and our bargaining team’s push for a legally enforceable memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding work from home stipends, Summit admin and our union have signed a MOU about our work from home stipend. 

In addition to the two $100 work from home stipends, Summit has agreed to provide an additional (one time only) $300 work from home stipend, to be paid on our September paychecks. Additionally, Summit has agreed to increase the internet stipend from $30 to $50 a month.  You can read the Memorandum of Understanding here.

While providing the additional money is a positive step, we do think it’s critical to note that Summit stated the purpose of this additional stipend comes from feedback from teachers for “teacher needs as they prepare for the return of students.” And yet, everyone in the Summit organization is receiving this money. Some of the top-paid Summit employees make 4 to 8 times the salary of a first year teacher, yet all will receive $300. This hardly seems equitable. 

The additional stipend also shows us that Summit can find more money when it wants to. That is why it’s critically important that we continue the push for the full restoration of our pay. Be on the lookout soon for concrete steps on how you can make your voice heard about this important issue.

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